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Picture Example: 51582.05, Baker, Elizabeth, 1932 Miss Abingdon Beauty Pageant.
Newspaper Article Example: 119863.01, Journal Virginian, June 1, 1933, Page 1, Article on Robert Porterfield leasing Martha Washington College for the summer and naming it Barter Theatre and Barter Inn.

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(Price is $5 per picture/per document page/per newspaper article.)

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Newspaper Full Page Example: 119026.04, Washington County Journal, March 29, 1912, Page 4.

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(Price is $10 per full page.)

Since the Historical Society does not have a photographic quality printer, the images will be delivered by email as attachments. If you need a printed copy, you will need to make a special request in the above image description sections. Any such requests will be reviewed by Society Staff to determine if a printed copy of the requested image will be feasible and of high enough quality to be delivered.

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