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The Historical Society is looking for historical accounts, tales, reminiscences about local history to put in the Bulletin. Contributions can be in any format whether it be a researched article, a short story, family history, even factoids. Give it some thought, you might be able to share some "forgotten history" with Society members. If you want to contribute please email the Society at

Series I bulletins (1937 to 1951) are no longer in print and are only available as digital files. They can be purchased for $5.00 per Bulletin.

Series I Bulletin Mail-In Order Form

1. April 1937: Address delivered by Mr. S. F. Hurt before the first annual meeting of the Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia, briefly outlining the careers of 12 early leaders in Washington County.

2. April 1938: General Francis Preston - A Sketch, written by Elizabeth C. Preston Gray

3. Oct 1938: Battle of King's Mountain, South Carolina Memorial Addresses by General Francis Preston, 30th Anniversary and Lewis Preston Summers, 158th Anniversary

4. 1939: One Hundred Years of the History of Abingdon, Virginia, by L.P. Summers

5. 1940: Rev. Charles Cummings, Fort Kilmakronen, Black's Fort, by Mrs. James H. Mongle

6. 1941: Cultural Agencies of Southwest Virginia, by Dr. J.N. Hillman; The Loss of the State of Franklin to the Union, by Hon. E. Munsey Slack; Madame Russell, by Mrs. J. Stuart French

7. 1942: Early Methodism in Southwest Virginia, by Mrs. J.H. Mongle; The Declaration of Independence, by Howell M. Henry; Colonel John Tipton, by Samuel Evans Massengill

8. March 1943: Saltville, by Walter H. Robertson

9. April 1943: The Heart of the Holston Country, by L.P. Summers

10. July 1943: Fort Kilmakronen, by J. Cloyd Byars; Rush Creek Primitive Baptist Church of Christ, by Frank W. DeFriece

11. January 1944: Sullivan County, Blountville, Citizens, Homes, and Reminiscences, by Rhea Anderson

12. September 1945: History of Sullivan County, Tennessee, by Mrs. K.A. Grandstaff; Rev. Noah Calton Baldwin, by Miss Virginia Catherine Harwood

13. January 1946: Resolution Presented on the Life of Hon. Lewis Prston Summers, by Washington County Bar; History in the Making, by Hon. S. Bruce Jones; Portrait of my Grandfather--David Flournoy Bailey, by Virginia Byars Caldwell

14. September 1947: History of Johnston Memorial Hospital, by Mrs. R.T. Stephenson; Life Sketch of Dr. George Ben Johnston, by Dr. Beverly R. Tucker

15. November 1947: Some Famous Civilians of Southwestern Virginia; Old Virginia Newspapers, by T.W. Preston

16. December 1949: Historical Review of Emory and Henry College, by Dr. Foye G. Gibson, President; Emory and Henry's Contribution to the Development of Democracy, by Dr. Victor S. Armbrister, Dean

17. Oct-Nov 1950: Dr. Thomas Walker, Explorer, by Goodridge A. Wilson

18. May 1951: Stonewall Jackson College, by Mary Lynch Sanders Beamer

Series II Bulletins (1965 to Present) are still available in soft cover prints.

 Series II, #1 and #5, 1965 - Colonel Arthur Campbell, Frontier Leader and Patriot, by Robert L. Kincaid, 18pp; John Montgomery 1717-1802, his military and civil service in early counties of SW VA, by Agnes Graham Riley, 14pp. Item: 101 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #2, 1966 - Bledsoe Family of Virginia and Tennessee, beginning with George Bledsoe; 1965-66 President's report, by John Blakemore, 20pp. Item: 102 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #3, 1966 - Evolution of Land Ownership in SW VA; The Case of Tazewell Co., by J.A. Neal, 17 pp. Item: 103 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #4, 1967 - The Lumber Industry in Southwest Virginia-developing timber lands, saw mills and lumber companies in Southwest Virginia, by Luther C. Hassinger, 16pp. Item: 104 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #6, 1968 - Historical Houses of Washington County, Virginia, Illus., 47 pp. Item: 106 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #7, 1968/9 - History of the 48th Virginia Infantry, VA Volunteer Army of Confederacy, Companies and officers, by James A. Casada, 48 pp; 1782 Tithables of Washington, Co., VA (cont'd), 42pp. Item: 107 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #8, 1970 - Story of "The Office", by Jane Douglas Summers Brown; Ebenezer Brooks-Forgotten Genius of the Holston Territory, by Gordon Aronhime; James Newell 1749-1823, by Agnes Sanders Riley; 1782 Tithables of Washington County, VA (cont'd), 48 pp. Item: 108 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #9, 1971 - The Cosby Papers, contains map of lots in Abingdon ca. 1850 and tells who lived in the homes; 1782 Tithables of Washington County, VA (concluded ), 48 pp. Item: 109 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #10 and #11, 1973 - Traditional Pottery in Washington Co., VA and Sullivan Co., TN, by Klell B. Napps; Joe Meeks-Washington County's Westerner, by Claude W. Nash; The Meeks and Their Neighbors, by Publication Committee; Geographical Sketch of the Meeks Neighborhood 1772-1839; Memorandum of the Meeks, from Bibles contributed by D.M. Epps; Meek Bible Records, collected by Margaret W. Huff; Jarrett Hill, Herb Doctor of Washington County, by Julia Hill Sales; General Daniel Smith - based on the journal of Gen. Smith (1779-1780); Vance Tavern, by Mary Dudley Porterfield; Black's Fort, Site of the First Court Held in Washington Co., VA, by C.McConnell, 55 pp. Item: 110 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #12, 1975 - Michael Shaver, Silversmith, by Lillian S, Butt. Illus.; Washington Co. Grist Mills, by Bernard L. Herman, Illus., 63 pp. Item: 112 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #13, 1976 - Fortieth Anniversary Issue: How the Society was organized; Judge Walter H. Robertson, by Margie Robertson; History of the Washington Ladle, by Mary Preston Gray; Physicians of the Holston in the 18th Century, by Gordon Aronhime; Men of the American Revolution Buried in Washington Co., 35 pp. Item: 113 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #14, 1977 - Court Minutes 1777, Washington Co., VA (Cont'd in #15); Story of the Tiffany Glass Window; Story of the Confederate Monument, by Klell B, Napps, 38 pp. Item: 114 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #15, 1978 - Hunting for His People - story of a black man returning to Va. after being sold south, by John Warfield Johnston; King and Lynn Inventory 1809; The Wilburn Waters Portrait by Lillian S. Butt; Court Minutes 1777 Washington Co., VA (Concluded), 58 pp. Item: 115 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #16 and #17, (1991 Reprint) - The 1772 Cummings Petition: Location of the homes of the signers petitioning Rev. Charles Cummings; King and Lynn Inventory (concluded); Three Memoirs by Sarah C. Brown, Rachel Ann Scott, and Alfred McThenia on history of SW VA, 63 pp. Item: 116 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #18, 1981 - Slavery on Upper Holston; History of Courts of Washington Co., VA; The Jockey Lot, 30 pp. Item: 118 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #19, 1982 - Thomas Mastin: Important Unknown of the Early Clinch River Settlement, by Gordon Aronhime; Extracts from the James T. Preston papers.. edit by George Stevenson; 105th Militia of Washington Co., VA 1861-1865, 31pp. Item: 119 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #20, 1983  - Minutes of Abingdon Town Council 1778-1860; Public Roads of Washington Co, 34 pp. Item: 120 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #21, 1984 - Guardian Bonds: 1780-1876, abstracted from Washington Co., VA Court Records and arranged in Chronological order, 105 pp. Item: 121 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #22, 1985 - Brigadier General William Campbell 1745-1781, by Agnes Graham Riley, 32 pp. Item: 122 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #23, 1986 - 50th Anniversary of the Historical Society of Washington County, Virginia, by Lillian S. Butt; The Final Bivouac: Capt. Frank S. Robertson, son of Gov. Wyndham Robertson and last surviving member of Gen. J.E.B. Stuart's staff; Reminiscence of the Years 1861-1865; The Meadows, edited by L.C. Angle, Jr. and Edwin T. Hardison, 40 pp. Item: 123 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #24, 1987 - Daniel Boone as a Virginian, by Walter H. Hendricks; An Economic Survey of Southwest Virginia During the Ante-Bellum Period, by Jack Garland, 15pp. Item: 124 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #25, 1988 - The Washington County News: A Look at the Past, by Lowry Bowman; War Comes to the Highlands, by L.C. Angle,Jr., 29 pp. Item: 125 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #26, 1989 - High on A Windy Hill, Index and Addendum, arranged alphabetically by surname, giving cemetery number, includes maps showing location by number of 333 Washington Co. Cemeteries included in High On A Windy Hill by Catherine McConnell. Compiled by Jack and Rubinette Niemann, 107 pp. Item: 126 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #27, 1990 - Stephen Holston: Frontiersman, Adventurer, Revolutionary Soldier and Discoverer, by Douglas Summers Brown; Chancery Order Book A : 1831-1835, by Angela Hurt, 77 pp. Item: 127 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #28, 1991 - Story of the Preston Mansion/Martha Washington College/Martha Washington Inn, by L.C. Angle, Jr., Illus., 42 pp. Item: 128 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #29, 1992 - To the Halls of Montezuma: Samuel Vance Fulkerson's Journal Kept During Mexican War, edited by Dr. George Stevenson, 69 pp. Item: 129 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #30, 1993 - The Civil War in Southwest Virginia, by Cathy Carlson Reynolds; "The One Who Brought the Flag Home", David Lowery of Washington Co.,VA, by Winston B. Wine; Konnarock: The Anatomy of a Company Town - A Memoir, by Robert Foster; Confederate Monument Dedication June 3, 1909, Abingdon: Address by Judge John A. Buchanan, 43pp. Item: 130 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #31, 1994 - The Story of the Abingdon Rotary Club, by G.C. Culberson; Saltville: Salt Capital of the Confederacy, by Michael Holmes; "Tributes to Daniel Trigg and J. W. McBroom by Thomas W. Colley", transcribed and edited by Michael Holmes, 30 pp. Item: 131 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #32, 1995 - John B. Floyd, edited by Dr. Edwin Hardison; Co. B 37th Virginia Volunteer Regiment, by Scott Arnold for Master's Thesis, Emory and Henry College; History of Green Spring Presbyterian Church, edited by Dr. Ed Hardison, 54 pp. Item: 132 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #33, 1996 - Remembrances Part I and II, by Walter H. Hendricks; David Campbell, The Governor and The Man, by Hendrika Schuster; Wyndham Robertson, by Robyn Mundy; 100 Years of the History of Abingdon (reprint), by Lewis Preston Summers; Unveiling of the Marker on the Old Home of Gen. Francis Preston (now Martha Washington Inn), by L.P. Summers, 89 pp. Item: 133 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #34, 1997 - Death of Eliza Dunn Jones, by James Buchanan Ballard; Shelby Campbell King's Mountain Controversy and Gubernatorial Campaign of 1812, by Agnes Graham Sanders Riley; Register of the Collonade Hotel, by Charles H. Carson; Adam Hayter and Susannah Darrock, Pioneers of Washington County, Virginia, by Paul C. Buchanan, 39 pp.Item: 134 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #35, 1998 - When "John the Baptist" Traveled Our Roads: A Tale of Virginia Intermont College, by Hendrika Schuster; Roosevelts in Southwest Virginia, Part I: Elliott Roosevelt: A Man in Mental Torment; Part 2: Corinne (Roosevelt) and Douglas Robinson, by Henrika Schuster; Sketch of the Life of Rev. Charles Cummings by Gov. David Campbell; Historical Calendar of Washington County, by Carl V. Eskridge; A Visit from Nellie Wisler: A Different Perspective on the Carroll County Courthouse Tragedy, by William G. Lord, 59 pp. Item: 135 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #36, 1999 - Remembering Aunt Mabel, by Walter Hendricks; No Need for a Landfill, by Kathleen R. Taylor; Searching for Communities, Dying and Burial in 1800's, by David Farris, Sr; Bristol's Marrying Parson, by Bud Phillips; Letters from the Past, Don't Take Any Wooden Nickels, by Hendrika Schuster; Carrying the Mail on Horseback, by Dennis Graham, Washington Co.; VA Post Offices and Postmasters 1792-1992, extracted by J. and R. Niemann, 50 pp. Item: 136 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #37, 2000 - Sacred Honor, by Rev. Frederick R. Trumbore; Beyond Admiration and Loyalty, by Hendrika Schuster; Examples of 18th Century Female Courage, by Hendrika Schuster; Letters of the Past, The Lives They Lived Together-Blacks and Whites at Montcalm 1827-1860, by Dr. Norma Mitchell; Generals' Memorial: Heros of Washington County, by L.C. Angle; Two Swords Which Inspired Two Boys, by Hendrika Schuster; John Hunt Morgan, by Roy L. Sturgill; More Obscure First Ladies, The Schools on William King Hill, by Betsy K. Owens and Betsy White; Historical Society REGISTRY Program by Ina Stephenson, 76 pp. Item: 137 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #38, 2001 - Early Settlers of Washington Co., by Randall W. Smith; Early Abingdon Taverns, Inns, by Nanci King; Forgotten Population-Free Black Community in Washington County 1800-1850, by Dr. Michael J. Puglisi; Bear/Bare Tale About Wilburn Waters; Scalded to Death by the Steam, by Hendrika Schuster and Mike Pierry,Jr; Lou V.P. Crabtree, Virginia Laureate in Literature, interview by Judy K. Miller; Chataigne's Virginia Gazetteer and Business Directory: Washington Co., VA 1888-1889, 79 pp. Item: 138 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #39, 2002 - SW VA's Men of Iron in Revolutionary War, by Walter Hendricks; Old Powder Mill Dam of Washington Co., by Any Burks; Letters of the Past; Robert Edwin Miles of 21st VA Cavalry, by L.C. Angle, Jr; History of Abingdon Branch Line, by Mike Hicks; Medicine as Practiced in 20th Century, by Lewis F. Cosby, MD; Measure of a Peck; Excerpts of Minutes from Historical Society 1830-1990's, by Dr. Klell Napps, 83 pp. Item: 139 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #39a, 2002 - The Search for Frankie Newton, by Jennifer Wagner, 22 pp. Item: 239 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #40, 2003 - Abingdon Train Station, by Klell Napps; The Horse Behind the Photograph, by Hendrika Schuster; Call to Duty-2nd Lt. Charles Dennis Smith of Damascus, VA, by Eleanor Grasselli; Mayhem Strikes Abingdon, by Robert Craig; Judgment at Dalton, by James B. Ballard; Boyhood Years in Abingdon 1920-1930, by Lewis F. Cosby, MD; The Great Pig War, by Lowry Bowman; Courthouse Hill-Site of Law and Order, by James Hagy; Trial of Jefferson Davis, by Hendrika Schuster; Family Files in Library as of Jan 9, 2003, 76 pp. Item: 140 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #41, 2004 - Tales Told by Walls of House-Retirement, by Mary Landrum; Mayhem Strikes Abingdon-Rest of the Story, by Robert Craig; Reminiscent of Schoolmates at Abingdon Academy, by Mary H. Everett; Bonson Brand Apples, by David Bonham; Dressing Up Miss Mollie #433, by Charles Seaver; Trip to Island Road is Trip into Lore of the Past, by Gordon Aronhime; Bob Porterfield as I Remember Him, by Patricia Cosby; William Sievers Sought to put "Soul" into Bronze, Hendrika Schuster; Posh Shop on Lot No 22, by Gordon Aronhime; A Singular One Room School-Duncansville School, by May Jo Craig and Hendrika Schuster, 61 pp. Item: 141 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #42, 2005 - Surviving the London Blitz, by Peta Patton; Early Washington County Forts Providing Protection for New Settlers, by Joe Goodpasture; James Barrett and the 37th Virginia Infantry, by Dean Harry; Pioneer Women of Southwest VA, by Gail Marney; Life and Death of a Log House, by Faye Hortenstine; Call to Duty-Action at Rimling, Alsation Forest France, New Year's Eve, 1944, by Lowry Bowman; Bats in the Garrett, by Walter Hendricks; For The Love of 900 Year Old Beauties, by Mary Dudley Porterfield; Judges Washington Co, VA 1811 , and Washington Co, VA Members House of Representatives, 62 pp. Item: 142 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #43, 2006 - Dalton, Georgia's Lonely Monument, by Lowry Bowman; Fathers and Sons at the Battle of King's Mountain, by J. David Dameron; The Virginia and Tennessee Railroad 1830's-1860's, by Josh Jones; The Mary Dalton Frye Private Secretarial School, by Carlotta Sanders Franklin; Lessons for Life, by Kitty Clark Baird; Blackboard Memories of a One-Room School, by Gladys Richardson Thompson; My Navy Years as a WAVE (1942-1947), by Virginia Tate Taggart; History of Penn-Stuart and Virginia House, by G.R.C. Stuart; Establishment of Methodism in SW Virginia, by Greg McMillan; An English War Bride Comes to America, by Mrs. Peta Patton, 71 pp. Item: 143 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #44, 2007 - The Confederate Yankee, by Gene Matthis; Capt. Samuel Thompson Buchanan, CSA, by James Buchanan Ballard; Washington County's Confederate Generals, by Mike Shaffer; 37th Infantry Div of VA at Antietam, by Mark Hall; Edmondson Family at King's Mountain, by Howard V. Jones; William King and Ocean Crossings, by Mary B. Kegley; Tennessee Valley Authority and Its Impact, by L.C. Angle, Jr and Hendrika Schuster; Leonard Chester Angle, Jr., by Kitty Henninger; 1936 to 2006 (HSWC), by John H Roper; Riding on the Last Excursion of the Virginia Creeper, by Anna Elliott, 86 pp. Item: 144 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #45, 2008 - My Years in the Women's Auxiliary Army Corp and Women's Army Corps in WW II, by Anna Rasey Elliott; The Mound at Sinking Spring Cemetery, by Gene Mathis; George Newton Wertz, Photographer, by Meade Campbell; A Late, Late Book Review - The Long Hunter, by Hendrika Schuster; Mary Craig Caldwell Rhea, by Eleanor Grasselli; Fairview, by W. Dale Carter and Wilma Smith; David Carson of Washington County, Va., by William Schrader; Riddle's Fort on Holston, by Wilma Smith; Appendix: Membership in Historical Society as of 11/30/2007, by Riley Clark, 56 pp. Item: 145 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #46, 2009 - Bazel and Susannah Bryan Boren of Washington County, Virginia, by Kerry Ross Boren; Grave Marker in Sinking Spring Cemetery: Fields-Baldwin Plot Inscription, Ellen Stuart, Daughter of W. W. and M. A. Hicks, Born August 13, 1885-Died June 19, 1890, by Patricia Craig Johnson; Field Diary, Febraury 27 to December 25, 1913 of Mr. Robert P. Holdsworth, Forest Assistant, Abingdon, VA, condensed by Eleanor Grasselli; Abingdon Orders Quarrelsome Women Ducked, by Carl V. Eskridge; The Prayer of Blessing, Gathering of the Overmountain Men and Dedication of "Retirement", Colonial Road, Abingdon, Virginia, Delivered September 22, 2007, by Robert N. Lominack, Jr.; The Hutton Brothers Go to War, by Mark F. Hall, 62 pp. Item: 146 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #47, 2010 - The Antebellum Years of William E. "Grumble" Jones, by James Buchanan Ballard; A Miraculous Trip into the Past, by Val Kendall; A Proclamation on the Occasion of the Annual Celebration of Veterans Day Specifically Recognizing the "Overmountain Men", November 11, 2009, by Michael R. Worrell, Esq. and W. Garrett Jackson, delivered by French Moore, Jr., Vice-Mayor of Abingdon, VA, 54pp. Item: 147 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #48, 2011 - Seventy-fifth Anniversary Edition, Roster of Presidents, 1936-2011; In Memoriam 2006-2011; James and Alice Hilton in Abingdon, by Robert Warren, Jr.; Uncle Sam Wants Who???, by Gale Dennison; A Proclamation on the Occasion of the Dedication of the W. Blair Keller Interpretation Center, by Garrett Jackson, delivered by Mayor Ed Morgan; What Do Johnny Appleseed, Arthur Campbell and Abingdon Have in Common?, by David Winship; Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the American Civil War: Time Line of Some Events of 1861; The Civil War Years of William Edmondson "Grumble" Jones, Part I, July, 1861 to April, 1862, by James Buchanan Ballard, 52pp. Item: 148 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #49, 2012 - War of 1812: Time Line of 1811 and 1812, compilied by Eleanor Grasselli; A History of the Abingdon Society of the Church of New Jerusalem (Swedenborgian), by Garrett Jackson; Black's Fort Chapter, DAR, Remembering Our 90 Years, by Kitty McConnell Henninger; The Cohabitation List of Freed Slaves and Free Persons of Color in Washington County, VA, 1866, by James W. Hagy, PhD; Partial Cohabitation List, James W. Hagy, PhD; Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the American Civil War-Time Line 1862, compiled by Mike Shaffer; The Civil War Years of William Edmondson "Grumble" Jones, Part II, The Seventh Virginia Calvalry Regiment, July 20 to November 8, 1862, by James Buchanan Ballard, 52pp. Item: 149 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #50, 2013 - War of 1812: Time Line of Some Events in 1813; The Family of Landon Boyd, by Eleanor Grasselli with data provided by Dale Elaine Douthit and Audrey Ola Jones; Wolf Hills and the Daniel Boone Myth, by James W. Hagy; Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the American Civil War: Time Line of Some Events of 1863, compiled by Mike Shaffer; The Civil War Years of William Edmondson "Grumble" Jones, Part III, October 31, 1862 to February 28, 1863, by James Buchanan Ballard. 52pp. Item: 150 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #51, 2014 - Centennial of World War I and War of 1812: Time Line of 1814, compilied by Eleanor Grasselli; Letter from David Campbell to his brother Arthur Campbell, Jr., September 14, 1812; Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the American Civil War: Time Line 1864, compiled by Mike Shaffer; The Civil War Years of William Edmondson "Grumble" Jones, Part IV, West Virginia Raid, by James Buchanan Ballard, 55pp. Item: 151 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #52, 2015 - In Search of Boren's Fort; Experiences of Ivan E. Kennedy of the 96th Company, 6th Regiment, US Marine Corps, 2nd Division, A.E.F. in France and Germany, 1918-1919; Centennial of World War I: Timeline 1915; Sesquicentennial Commemoration of the American Civil War: Time Line of Some Events of 1865; The Immortal 600; The Civil War Years of Brigadier General William Edmondson "Grumble" Jones, Part V, Brandy Station; 32 pp. Item: 152 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #53, 2016 - Eightieth Anniversary Edition How the Society Was Organized Forty Years Ago; Presidents of the HSWCV; HSWCV Milestones; The White Top Folk Festival; Men from Washington County and the City of Bristol, Virginia Who Died as a Result of their Service in World War II; Moving the Washington County Confederate monument; The Name of Abingdon; Washington County, Virginia Licenses for Selling wine, Whiskey and Malt Liquors, 1865-1902; Back Cover: Gold Star Men; 48 pp. Item: 153 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #54, 2017 - McCabe Lodge, Number 56, I.O.O.F. and the Founding of Martha Washington College, 1853-1858; The Photography of George Newton Wertz, 1852-1926; Confederate Civil War Pension Applications from Washington County, Virginia; 36 pp. Item: 154 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #55, 2018 - James Wyatt and the Burning of Abingdon, 1864; Stonewall Jackson College (Reprint of May 1951 Article with Added Photographs); Benjamin Sharp's Account of Washington County during the Cherokee War, 1776; Wall Street Over the Years; A Unionist from Russell County Testifies before Congress, 1866; Item: 155 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #56, 2019 - Shopping at H. P. King's; Clippings; Lynching in Southwest Virginia, 1883-1927; Cars of Washington County, Virginia; Item: 156 Price: $7.00

 Series II, #57, 2020 - Washington County Communities from A to Z; The Murder Trials of Dr. John A. P. Baker, 1891-1892; The Murder Trials of Luther and James Canter, 1915-1918; Economic Prospects of Washington County in the Early 20th Century; 92 Pages, Item: 157 Price: $6.00

 Series II, #58, 2021 - 30th anniversary celebration of the battle of Kings Mountain-1810, Tragedy struck at night: the 1861 train crash that shook Abingdon, First African American voters in Washington County-1867, The political career of Lewis Preston Summers 1868-1943, An eyewitness account of murders at Emory and Henry Hospital, Last hangings in Washington County, Washington rifles of World War I, William King obituary, Item: 158 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #59, 2022 - Abingdon Tragedy of 1888: Killing Lilburn H. Trigg, Four Score and Seven Years, The Forgotten Judge: Robert W. Hughes, Robert Morton Hughes and Stained Glass Windows at St. Thomas Church, Misbehaving at Martha Washington College, Washington County Soldiers: Last to Die in WWI and First to Die in WWII, The Origins of Russell County, Thanks to James W. Hagy, Past Bulletin Editor, Thanks to the Late Jane G. Oakes for Years of Service to the Society, Item: 159 Price: $5.00

 Series II, #60, 2023 - Myths, Mistakes, and False Claims Regarding Some Historic Buildings in Abingdon, Virginia; Maimed Confederate Soldiers of Virginia, Their Struggle for Artificial Limbs and Disability Pensions: The Example of Matthew Floyd Duff; Samuel Stalnaker, William Byrd III, and Fort Attakullakulla; Faces of Washington County, Virginia; and The Abingdon Rotary Club at 100 Years. Item: 160 Price: $5.00